Homemade Beef Lasagne                                   £7.99

Made with lean beef mince, plenty of delicious tomatoes and served witha fresh salad and garlic bread

Sirloin Steak                                                            £9.99

A prime 8oz sirloin steak, pan fried to your liking. Served with chips, grilled tomato, garden peas and fried mushrooms. why not add one of our very own homemade sauces (peppercorn, stilton or creamy mushroom) for and additional £1

Fried Liver in a Thick Onion Gravy                    £8.95

Pan fied lambs liver, served with creamy mashed potato, a delightful onion gravy and a selection of seasonal vegetables

Cajun Chicken                                                        £7.99

A butterflied breast of chicken, coated in cajun spices and pan fried. Served with homemade coleslaw, chips and crispy salad

Beef or Vegetarian Chilli                                      £6.99

Lean beef, served with garlic bread, rice or chips (or half and half) medium spicy

Beef Burger & Chips                                             £5.99

A quater pound of prime English beef, served in a toasted white bap and garnished with chips. Served with a BBQ sauce.

Beer Battered Haddock                                        £6.99

A chuncky portion of haddock, deep fried in a beer batter and served with chips, peas or mushy peas. Accompanied with a pot of tartar sauce.

Battered Scampi                                                     £6.99

A delicious serving of scampi deep fried in batter, served with chips and peas or mushy peas

Sausage and Mash                                                £6.50

Tasty pork sausages with creamy mash potato, garden peas and lashings of gravy.

Ham Egg and Chips                                              £4.99

Cooked ham served with chips and egg (poached or fried)

All Day Breakfast                                                    £4.99

A hearty English favourite - 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausages, 2 hash browns, sliced tomato, bake beans, a slice of toast and an egg (poached or fried)

Hot Beef and Onion Baguette                             £7.99

Tasty slices of beef served in a white baguette, topped with fried onions and finished with a salad garnish. Served with chips

Club Sandwich                                                       £7.99

A 3 tier sandwich with succulent, moist chicken breast, bacon, salad and mayonnaise. Served with chips

Fish Finger Sandwich                                           £5.99

Breaded fish fingers served in sliced bloomer bread with a salad garnish. Served with chips


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